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Muscle Building Plan
Muscle Building Plan

Our muscle building plan is very popular with people who have lost weight and are looking to tone their body, or for those looking to lose weight and build muscle at the same time.

Alongside muscle building and toning, most customers also experience improved general health including more energy and faster recovery time post-workout.

We would strongly recommend our Gold Package. If you looking to lose body fat at the same time, you may want to include our weight loss boosters.


What does the #RealTeam Muscle Building Plan involve?

heart bullet Use shakes as pre/post-workout recovery on intense days
heart bullet Replace 1-2 meals a day with shakes on moderate days
heart bullet Shake recipes to add a variety of flavour options
heart bullet Tailored exercise recommendations
heart bullet The nutrition of up to 30 fruit, vegetables, berries and grains
    in capsule form
heart bullet Bioavailable nutrition in all the products
heart bullet Healthy snacks and healthy meals throughout the day
heart bullet Unique #RealTeam Lifestyle Plan
heart bullet Food recommendations
heart bullet Motivational tips
heart bullet Healthy recipes
heart bullet Snack guidance

Packages & Prices

#RealTransformation *
Shakes, Boosters and Premium Capsules
Upfront: £ 583.00 / € 733.00
4-Monthly: £ 151.75 / € 191.25 per month

#RealQuality *
Shakes, Omegas and Premium Capsules
Upfront: £ 646.00 / € 807.00
4-Monthly: £ 167.50 / € 209.75 per month

#RealFeelGood *
Shakes and Premium Capsules
Upfront: £ 507.00 / € 640.00
4-Monthly: £ 131.25 / € 166.00 per month

#RealHealth *
Shakes and Standard Capsules
Upfront: £ 424.00 / € 535.00
4-Monthly: £ 110.50 / € 139.75 per month

Shakes and Berry Capsules
Upfront: £ 349.00 / € 451.00
4-Monthly: £ 91.75 / € 118.75 per month

Shakes and Weight Loss Boosters
Upfront: £ 285.00 / € 443.00
4-Monthly: £ 75.75 / € 116.75 per month

Shakes Only - Chocolate, Vanilla or Both
Upfront: £ 266.00 / € 350.00
4-Monthly: £ 69.50 / € 91.50 per month
Additional Options

Weight Loss Boosters
Pack of 90 Weight Loss Boosters
Upfront: £ 76.00 / € 93.00
4-Monthly: £ 20.50 / € 25.25 per month

Pack of 60 Vegetable Soups
Upfront: £ 139.00 / € 167.00
4-Monthly: £ 36.25 / € 43.75 per month

Meal Bars
60 Bars - Chocolate, Mixed Fruit or Both
Upfront: £ 139.00 / € 167.00
4-Monthly: £ 36.25 / € 43.75 per month

Omega Capsules
Omega 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 Capsules
Upfront: £ 139.00 / € 167.00
4-Monthly: £ 36.25 / € 43.75 per month

* Any package containing the Premium or Standard Capsules is eligible for our FREE Child Health Study.

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I started the #RealTeam Lifestyle Plan to boost my nutritional intake, give me extra energy and help improve my lifestyle. I wanted to get healthier, fitter and gain muscle so I started the Gold Package for nutrition and to give me extra energy, faster recovery and better performance at the gym.

The energy I have is unbelievable and I’ve gained half a stone of muscle in 3 weeks which I'm delighted about! This is the best I’ve ever felt and it’s now my way of life - I will never stop using these amazing products.


I started on the #RealTeam Lifestyle Plan to lose some body fat, and hopefully feel healthier and more energised. The results were fantastic!

Once I shed the fat I started on the Muscle Plan, using the shakes for muscle repair after workouts. I had always used whey shakes in the past, but I noticed a massive difference with the plant-based shakes.

I also get lots of support from my mentor and #RealTeam too - I couldn't be happier!
My energy levels are sky high – Now that I’ve lost my weight, I’ve signed up to the gym and I’ve even got a Personal Trainer and moved to the muscle plan to work on toning up!
Since being on the #RealTeam Lifestyle Plan (9 months now) I am healthier, happier, have more energy, and my sleep has improved. I am now toning and training for a half-marathon! This has totally changed my life!

Start your #RealTeam Lifestyle today! We have a wide range of plans
and packages to help you achieve your personal health goals and budgets.

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